The mission of the ESOL Department at Norcross High School is to provide limited English proficient students with appropriate learning opportunities as they pursue a high school diploma. In addition to helping the student develop proficiency in English, the Department provides sheltered content courses in Social Studies, Science, Math, Health, Physical Education, and Business Technology. ESOL teachers help students learn about American customs and ways of life, while respecting the customs and habits they bring with them to this new environment.


Name Title E-mail
Bannon, Kari Science ESOL Teacher
Bradeanu, Ioana Language Arts ESOL Teacher
Bryan, Mark Math ESOL Teacher
Byrne, Melinda Language Arts ESOL Teacher
Choi, Youree Math ESOL Teacher
Crisp, Amy ESOL Department Chair
Daniels, Jamie Science ESOL Teacher
DeMeritt, Erica Science ESOL Teacher
Ferretiz, Dalia Social Studies ESOL Teacher
Griffin, Leah Language Arts ESOL Teacher
Jennings, Diana Social Studies ESOL Teacher
Lu, Monan Language Arts ESOL Teacher
Nelson, Minerva Math ESOL Teacher
Park, Erin Language Arts ESOL Teacher
Vaughn, Nia Science ESOL Teacher