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IB Diploma Programme Contact:  Dan Byrne

IB Middle Years Programme Contact:  James Glenn

As a leading International Baccalaureate school, Norcross High School offers several programs under the IB umbrella. Students can participate in the IB Middle Years Programme as freshmen and sophomores. Both Pinkneyville and Summerour Middle Schools particpate in this program, so this may be a continuation for them. During their junior and senior years, students can seek an IB Diploma or Certificate. This rigorous program focuses on preparing students for college while promoting an education that is authentic and engaging.

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Managebac is an online database that is used to support both the IB Diploma and the IB Middle Years Programmes. Students may log in at the following address using the information provided by their teachers: https://norcrosshigh.managebac.com/login


IB Diploma Programme

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IB Diploma Handbook

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IB Middle Years Programme

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Norcross High School Guide to the MYP Personal Project

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