It is our commitment to provide the best possible language education. We offer levels I-IV in addition to IB and AP courses in French and Spanish (dependent upon student enrollment). The National Standards that guide instruction, learning, and evaluation can be seen here. Furthermore, we offer levels I and II of Spanish for Heritage Speakers. Throughout the academic year students have the opportunity to be involved in various extra-curricular activities pertaining to language learning.

Possible activities include:

  • Participating in language clubs and honor societies

  • Participating in  national language exams

  • Participating in local and state composition and spoken language contests

  • Participating in local language conferences and state immersion camps

  • Nomination process for the Governor’s Honors Program

  • Community service hours through tutoring and an academic alliance program

Name Title E-mail
Bieytes, Andrea Spanish Teacher
Brockman, Samantha Spanish Teacher
Coronado-Mendez, Keren Spanish Teacher
Crain, Madeline French Teacher
Eder, Robyn World Languages Department Chair
Fernandez-Rodriquez, Nuria Spanish Teacher
Francois, Furcy Marie French Teacher
Harrington, Daliana Spanish Teacher
Hunter, Matthew French Teacher
Kaiser, Kakie Spanish Teacher
Martz, Ryan Spanish Teacher
Pieper, Kari Spanish Teacher
Pollitzer, Aileen French Teacher
Sfetcu, Maria French Teacher
Villalobos, Julia Spanish Teacher